Conversations between Liz McGowan, Jane Frost and the tidelines at Cley

Liz will be on the beach next Tuesday, 22nd July,  to make the next moon. She will be flying a crescent moon flag outside the NWT Visitor’s Centre and another one on the beach near the Cley car park. Probably late morning.  Do come and join her, and don’t forget to write in one of our tideline journals – three in the NWT cafe, one on the beach tied to the information board and one at the boat shelter on the Green outside the church.

Liz and Jane will be continuing their dialogue about the shifting coastline in north Norfolk at Cley 14 by focussing upon the tidelines – the real tideline on the shore and the imagined Medieval tideline which came close to the church.  Their aim is to work individually, and to create exchanges via public diaries, which the  you the public can also contribute to, ephemeral art works, the sharing of materials, contributions to this blog site or any other means that becomes relevant.  Their work will begin in early June, so that by the time Cley 14 opens there will be an established conversation.

They are planning to offer a walking conversation that will be open to the public and also include invited specialists.

They are planning to establish conversations with artists working in different parts of the county/country.

Ongoing activities on the tidelines of interest to the public will be highlighted by a series of temporary flags.

Starting points for the Conversation:

Liz McGowan

My work is inspired by the detail and pattern of landscape.  I am fascinated by tidelines.  They record the deaths of waves at the end of their extraordinary journeys, leaving evidence of the materials/weather/currents met and carried on their journey,  hidden materials made visible by the dying wave.  My initial activities will be to record and map the shifting tideline on the shore, with a view to inviting and contributing to a dialogue about how one might imagine the medieval tideline on the green.  Inherent in this is an exploration of time.

Jane Frost

I like to provide a place for resting, meeting and conversations using basket making techniques. I call these structures Beacon Shelters, they tell collected stories of people and places through physical items of flotsam and jetsam woven into the structure, as well as diary, email or blog contributions.

The form for Cley 2014 will be the shape of an upturned rowing boat woven in white willow, with a bench seat.

The boat will reference to the old quay position in Cley, which may encourage conversations about transport, trading, development and coastal change.

Proposed Shelter

Proposed Shelter

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